In 2015, AVENUE was invited to bring their community building and engagement strategy to the neighborhood. With initial support from NeighborWorks America and then the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, they have worked with more than 1,500 residents and 65 institutional partners to create a Neighborhood Health Equity Plan.’ This plan guides Northline efforts into the future to help resident leaders build a strong, safe, supportive, and connected community. In 2020 Norhtline became a Comprehensive GO Neighborhood which will focus on the implementation of the neighborhood plan and the expansion of this efforts.

GO Coordinator Contact Information
Sofia Font, Avenue CDC

Our Priorities

Slide Leadership and Civic Engagement
GO Neighborhood connects people, cultivates lives and activates abilities. We develop outreach and communication tools to keep the neighborhood informed, and work together to engage new residents in civic activities and neighborhood improvements and enhance voter participation and new leaders.
Slide Education and Youth
OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods believe it takes a village to raise a child. Working in partnerships with schools, teachers, students and parents GO Neighborhoods wants to ensure that all children and young people have the tools necessary to succeed.
Slide Arts, Culture, History
and Media
OST/South Union envisions culture as a connection, history as a foundation, and looks at the arts to celebrate their past and future. OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods wants to celebrate their history, embrace their culture, fuel the economy by attracting public and private investment through the arts and enrich the neighborhood's youth through this work.
Slide Economic Development Family Income and Wealth
OST/SOuth Union envisions a neighborhood where local businesses grow. Where new economic development and investment provide the services and amenities the neighborhood needs and create jobs. GO Neighborhoods wants to bring knowledge and resources to neighborhood families to grow income and wealth.
Slide Health and Wellness
OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods aspires to be a healthy community, connected to the city, pedestrian friendly and walkable. GO Neighborhoods envisions a community with easy access to fresh and nutritious food, preventive healthcare and recreational space. The neighborhood’s commitment to health and wellness will create economic opportunity.
Slide Housing and Neighborhoods Neighborhoods are at the heart of our community. Together we work to protect our existing neighborhoods, improve our housing stock, increase homeownership, and attract new housing development that is appropriate and meets the diverse needs of both and existing future residents, including workforce and affordable housing Slide Safety and Cleanups
GO Neighborhoods works to create an environment that promotes safety through beautification and crime prevention and the reduction of loitering.
Slide Strollin’ and Rollin’ OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods works to improve our health through walking, biking, and using public transportation. GO Neighborhoods supports active living by creating programs and activities to encourage everyone to walk and bike to improve their health and quality of life.

GO Neighborhoods

This is Northline’s first year as a Comprehensive level GO Neighborhood.

Avenue received a $100,000 grant from Wells Fargo Foundation to help Northline Neighborhood preserve its history and culture. The Northline Health Equity Plan outlines the shared vision and plans of neighbors and community partners throughout the Northline area of Houston. The planning process was facilitated by Avenue based on the thriving community engagement model used in the Near Northside through GO Neighborhoods since 2009. A year of intensive collaboration, dialogue, and reflection resulted in a five-year comprehensive plan. Northline will build on this process for its GO Quality of Life Agreement.

Convening Agency

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation

Avenue is a builder of homes and a builder of communities in Houston, Texas. We make smart investments in people and places that promote vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods and strengthen our city. They believe in the power of place.

Using a place-based approach, AVENUE works directly with residents to identify needs, develop consensus on a vision for the future, and create action plans to get there. They build affordable housing, provide education and counseling to help families build wealth, and support communities in achieving the goals they set for themselves, in education, infrastructure, public safety, health, and more