Data Projects serve as a community capacity building and technical assistance tool. LISC, in partnership with consultants, provides communities and organizations support to create a responsive data support program that focuses on the analysis of data and implementation of community priorities. Data support includes access to neighborhood-specific maps, community profile sheets, review sessions, residents leaders and knowledge experts, using their questions, and strategic planning meetings to examine existing community plans to explore solutions to communities’ issues using data.

General GO Neighborhood Data Collection & Data Analysis

All GO Neighborhoods receive demographic updates and analysis data to determine major shifts and changes in their community as compared to projects, programs, priorities and investments made, implemented and developed. This data will be used for decision-making and for measuring the impact of the program overall, both within the program and within the larger neighborhood.

Special Projects

Each GO Neighborhood will have the support of the Community Resource Design Center to problem solve issues impacting the community that can be remedied by collecting & analyzing data, exploring solutions to issues that have a negative impact on the lives of the residents in the GO Neighborhood. Data will be shared with GO Neighborhood partners and a 1-hour strategic planning session will be available for each project to review data and brainstorm strategies. GO Neighborhoods will have access to state of the art technology, current maps and data support to help address community challenges.

Annual Data Updates: All GO Neighborhoods

  • 1-page Infographic (Baseline demographic and place-based data)
    One infographic pager and adding data to the webpage and helping craft the communication piece for sharing the data with Go Neighborhoods on the site. The 1-pager will consist of a front and back overview analysis for all 13 neighborhoods.

State of the Neighborhood Events

Data review and analysis for LISC Houston’s GO Neighborhood program at the 5 year implementation date. The community will review:

  • Data from all projects and Initiatives
  • Examine and report to the community progress toward outcomes/impacts of the pillars
  • Present presentation and resident stories concerning the Quality of Life Agreement implementation