OST/South Union became a GO Neighborhood in 2013 with the help of more than 400 people and dozens of organizations that work collaboratively to make OST/South Union a wonderful place to call home.

The goal of the OST/South Union GO Neighborhood is to achieve positive transformation of Southeast Houston through community-based creative placemaking- empowering residents to bring values and community history to effect change through well-designed improvements to the physical environment enhanced by artistic and cultural expression projects. Neighborhood Recovery CDC acts as the convening agency, and is coordinating a Steering Committee and GO Teams focused on implementing the strategies laid out in the Quality of Life Agreement that identifies the community’s vision for a sustainable community. The Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance (SEHTA) is a key partner in this work.

OHIP is a multi-sector collaborative that supports GO Teams in addressing social determinants of health in OST/South Union. It is funded by Episcopal Health Foundation. Our mission is to use our physical and spiritual resources to care for one another so that we can impact the hearts and health of our community.

GO Coordinator Contact Information

Milton Guardado

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC)


Our Priorities

Slide Leadership and Civic Engagement
GO Neighborhood connects people, cultivates lives and activates abilities. We develop outreach and communication tools to keep the neighborhood informed, and work together to engage new residents in civic activities and neighborhood improvements and enhance voter participation and new leaders.
Slide Education and Youth
OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods believe it takes a village to raise a child. Working in partnerships with schools, teachers, students and parents GO Neighborhoods wants to ensure that all children and young people have the tools necessary to succeed.
Slide Arts, Culture, History
and Media
OST/South Union envisions culture as a connection, history as a foundation, and looks at the arts to celebrate their past and future. OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods wants to celebrate their history, embrace their culture, fuel the economy by attracting public and private investment through the arts and enrich the neighborhood's youth through this work.
Slide Economic Development Family Income and Wealth
OST/South Union envisions a neighborhood where local businesses grow. Where new economic development and investment provide the services and amenities the neighborhood needs and create jobs. GO Neighborhoods wants to bring knowledge and resources to neighborhood families to grow income and wealth.
Slide Health and Wellness
OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods aspires to be a healthy community, connected to the city, pedestrian friendly and walkable. GO Neighborhoods envisions a community with easy access to fresh and nutritious food, preventive healthcare and recreational space. The neighborhood’s commitment to health and wellness will create economic opportunity.
Slide Housing and Neighborhoods Neighborhoods are at the heart of our community. Together we work to protect our existing neighborhoods, improve our housing stock, increase homeownership, and attract new housing development that is appropriate and meets the diverse needs of both and existing future residents, including workforce and affordable housing Slide Safety and Cleanups
GO Neighborhoods works to create an environment that promotes safety through beautification and crime prevention and the reduction of loitering.
Slide Strollin’ and Rollin’ OST/South Union GO Neighborhoods works to improve our health through walking, biking, and using public transportation. GO Neighborhoods supports active living by creating programs and activities to encourage everyone to walk and bike to improve their health and quality of life.

GO Neighborhoods

341 projects
implemented since 2013

Over $ 13 million
leveraged since 2013

76,786 participants
engaged since 2013


Third Ward and OST/South Union have a combined population of approximately 34,000 residents, many who do not live within proximity of a grocery store. After many years of advocating to eliminate existing food deserts within these super neighborhoods, the grand opening of a new HEB was a significant accomplishment for the adjacent communities. The 90,000 square-foot store located on 6055 South Freeway is the first full-service grocery store to open in the area in 20 years. Due to all of the hard work of community leaders, financial support from the City of Houston, and the many comprehensive community plans that exist in both Third Ward and OST/South Union, the dream of a new grocery store is now a reality.

Convening Agency

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) revitalizes communities from a holistic approach. Our work encourages economic development and investment, effectively provides and encourages the development of housing for persons of low and moderate income, and works with other private and public entities. NRCDC is a community development corporation operating city wide but has served the Third Ward since 1992. NRCDC has developed two signature projects known throughout community development for their visibility, sustainability and community impact. NRCDC provides decent, affordable rental housing and social services to 200 families. The Renaissance Center, a 100,000 square-foot retail center anchored by a grocery store, was the first of its type in Texas developed by a community-based organization and has created over 375 jobs onsite and catalyzed significant economic investment within the area. NRCDC recently sold the Renaissance Center.